LamaHub is simple multi-platform NMDC protocol server written in C by ZeXx86.
Anyway, it is friendly for your cpu, bandwidth and especially with ram.

This one running on all POSIX/Unix (Linux, ZeX/OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD,OpenBSD, PC-BSD, Mac OS X), win32 (Windows, OS/2).

You can go to DOWNLOAD section.

Easy INSTALL HANDBOOK is placed here.

NEWS:After long time break, new update is here !
All sources were rewritten from C++ to C language for faster work,
there is new buffering system, various bug fixes, ZeX/OS and Android platform support too...
For read all changes in software look at CHANGELOG.

Latest stable version:

Source Linux/Unix/Win32: download
Windows binary: download
Android package: download

Last change: 25.4.2010